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Auto Reply SMS
Automatically responds to an inbound SMS with a fixed message

We can provide a dedicated virtual number that you can advertise so that people can SMS it and within a few seconds they will receive an automatic reply.

We use one for our customer service. Try it...

Send an SMS from your phone to 0429 846 817

The reply message can be set to whatever you like. eg:

Thanks for contacting XYZ plumbing. We'll be in touch shortly.

If urgent, call 130012345 or email


$22 per month inc GST to rent the virtual number

Plus the cost of the outbound message. Rates vary depending on monthly volume.

Contact us for more info

PLEASE NOTE: We do not supply virtual numbers for individuals to receive one time passwords, 2 factor authentication and verification type messages.

Auto Reply SMS. SMS auto responder.

Thanks for contacting

XYZ Plumbing. We'll be

in touch shortly. If it's

urgent call us on


Hi, I need a plumber for

a new stove. Can you

call me on 1234567?

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