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Bulk SMS Marketing
Send SMS campaigns of any volume at lightning speeds

We have a super simple and ultra fast SMS sender that you can access from anywhere in the world.

We can send bulk campaigns at over 2000 messages per second so your messages get to your customers super fast!

SMS campaigns are a great way to get instant results. If things are a bit quiet, send out a campaign and get your phone ringing again.

PRO TIP: Always start with the end result you want first. ie do you want your customers to call you, to reply to the SMS or to go to your website?

We can help you with all of these options:


In the body of the SMS, simply put your phone number. eg:

"Ph 99998888 to book"

Typically a smartphone will recognise the phone number and allow the end user to hold their finger on it and offer the option to call the number. Super easy!


We can make the SMS appear to come from your mobile number so the replies go straight to you OR we can make the message appear to come from one of our numbers and we forward replies to you as a real-time email. This second option is great if you don't really want all your clients having your mobile number!


It is super easy to put a web address in the message. the end user taps on the web address and are taken instantly to your site. We can even make up a simple landing page for your clients to go to. This page can be a form, a survey or just some critical information about your business.

Sending a Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS example

25% off storewide at XYZ

clothing. Ends Sunday.

10 Smith St City.

Don't miss out

Stop SMS 0400123456


There is no software to install. Our web interface is the simplest thing you'll ever see and sending a campaign is as easy as Copy - Paste - Send

Copy the mobile numbers

Copy all the mobile numbers you need from Excel or anywhere.

No need to save CSV files or upload anything.

The numbers can be separated by a comma, tab or new line. (new line is best)

Don't worry if Excel strips off the leading 0 (zero) or if there are spaces or dashes in your numbers. We'll automatically fix all of that.


Bulk SMS accepted number formats

Mobile numbers in the above 7 formats are all accepted by our system.

Paste the numbers

Then just paste the numbers straight into our website. We automatically calculate the amount of valid mobile numbers.


For one off SMS campaigns, paste the numbers directly into our send sms page. We will automatically remove any duplicates for you at the time of sending and immediately refund any credits for the unsent duplicates.

Bulk SMS counting valid mobile numbers

Mobile numbers pasted into the send sms page. The number counter on the left shows the amount of valid mobile numbers you have pasted in.

For repeat campaigns, you can paste the numbers into our lists page and we will store the list in our system for later use. There is no size limit and creating a new list can be done in 20 seconds.

Bulk SMS - save a list of mobile numbers

Lists of mobile numbers and their descriptions stored in our lists page

You can edit a list at any time by clicking Edit next to any list.

Use Ctrl + F to find a number in a list or paste in a bunch more numbers and click Save.

Again, we'll remove any duplicates, wash against opt-outs and save your list in under 20 seconds.

Send the campaign

Once your numbers are pasted in, type your message. We'll tell you how many characters you are using and how many credits will be required for your campaign.

We have SMS templates as well so you can store successful campaign messages and use them again.

Bulk SMS - sms template. Character count. Selecting lists.

Select a stored list to send to and type your message or select an sms template. We show you how many characters, messages and credits are used.

Scheduling an SMS

You can either send a campaign immediately or schedule the campaign for any time in the future.

scheduling a bulk sms campaign

The simple calendar to select the date and time you want to schedule a message


We comply with Australian spam laws by providing you with a free optout number. If somebody replies to the optout number, we automatically remove them from your database and they will not receive any further SMS messages.

We send you an optout report that night showing all optouts, their mobile numbers and the optout message they sent.

You can view all unsubscribed mobile numbers and manually add additional numbers to your optout list from our optouts page.

If somebody accidentally opts out, you can easily opt them back in again.

Autoreply SMS

We can automatically reply to an incoming SMS. For example if somebody opts out, we can reply with "You have been opted out" etc. Additional charges apply for this option.

Campaign Summary

We have a simple summary page so you can easily see all of your scheduled campaigns in one place. It shows the size (number of recipients), date and time, the message text and the number of credits it will use.

You can cancel a scheduled campaign up to 15 minutes before it is due to be sent.

You can also search for campaigns by date range and the recipient's mobile number.

Managed Campaigns

If you prefer, we can handle sending the whole campaign for you. This includes:

  • Cleaning, de-duplicating & storing your data

  • Helping you create the most effective message text

  • Sending tests to you for approval or changes

  • Scheduling the campaign

  • Sending you optout reports

  • Updating data for future campaigns

SMS Surveys & SMS Voting

We can send out an SMS to your database of clients asking for feedback on any aspect of your business.

For example the customer could reply with 1 for Great, 2 for Average and 3 for bad.

Then at the end of the day or a few days later, we'll send you a report in CSV format showing all the responses we've received. Example message below:

"Hi Julie, How likely would you be to recommend XYZ to a family member or friend?

Reply back with: 1= Not Likely 2= Maybe 3= Definitely X= optout"

For more info on bulk SMS campaigns contact us any time or give our FREE TRIAL a go.

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