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Send SMS alerts & notifications fast!

You can send SMS Alert messages to alert staff, customers, students, parents etc of anything at all.

Use the SMS Everyone API to integrate SMS alerts directly into your software to send alerts and receive responses.

Our Email to SMS system lets you type an SMS alert straight into an email, we'll convert it to an sms and send it to any mobile phone.

Or use our web interface to send out group SMS alerts.

Some usage examples include:

  • Send an SMS to a manager if your system detects a new log in.

  • Schools send alerts to parents if they need to close early or there is an issue at school.

  • Integrate with Nagios and other IT alerting systems

  • Send 2 factor authentication via SMS

  • Overdue bill reminders to clients or account suspension alerts

Forward SMS to a list

We can set up a virtual mobile number that you or your clients or staff can send SMS's to that forwards the SMS to a pre-saved list of any size.

Great for communicating with your sales team or for receiving support requests via SMS. A client can sms your support mobile number and it goes to the whole team at once.

We can make the forwarded message appear to come from the sender's mobile number so that you can reply back directly OR we can make it appear to come from our virtual number so that when you reply, the whole team sees the reply.

Contact us for more information or give our FREE TRIAL a go

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