SMS Reminders

If you provide a service that requires your clients to make an appointment with you, it's a good idea to make sure they show up.

A day or two before their appointment, send an SMS reminder straight to their phone showing the date and time of the appointment.

With our SMS reminder service, your customer can reply with "yes", "no" or something else and we'll get that reply back to you super fast.

This way you can confirm the clients that have responded with "yes" and fill appointments where the client has replied with "no".

No more wasting time and money calling clients one by one.

SMS reminders via our website

Our super simple web interface has template SMS messages so you don't need to type the message over and over again. Just change the date and time of the appointment and send.

SMS reminders via API integration

We have a simple REST API so that your software can talk directly with our gateway to send reminders and receive replies. Plus we already integrate with several practice management and salon management software companies. Get in touch today and see if your software already talks to us.

We can either push the replies back to a URL of yours in real time or you can pull the replies from our URL as often as required. Have a look at our API page for more info.

Email to SMS & SMS to email (sending SMS from your emails)

You can send SMS from your emails (ie outlook, gmail etc) by sending an email to a special email address that we give you which converts your email into an SMS and forwards it to any phone.

The recipient can reply to the message and you receive that reply back as an email.

We include the message text that they are replying to so you can keep track of the conversation.

You can reply back and so on and so on.

YES. See you then.

Confirming your appointment at Total Hair for wed 7th June at 10am. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel or call 99999999 to rebook.


Confirming your appointment with Dr Smith tomorrow at 3pm. Reply YES to confirm, NO to cancel or call 8888888 to rebook.

No. I cant make it sorry.


Convert email to sms. Convert sms to email.

Example of an email we send you. It shows the end user's reply plus the message they are replying to.

Because each recipient's email address is different, you can save their email address as their "email to SMS" email. Then select them from your contacts as required.

SMS Sending Window

Do you have staff that send SMS's way too late at night for your clients?

Our 'SMS Sending Window' feature prevents SMS's from being sent too late in the evening or too early in the morning and simply queues them until a reasonable time that you can set.

Contact us any time to discuss the best option for you.