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Software Partnerships & Referrals
Earn extra revenue from SMS with no support headaches

We work with many software partners in lots of different ways so that you can add SMS functionality to your software without the headache of providing billing and technical support.​

Adding SMS functionality to your software makes your product offering better. We can help you sell this SMS function to your clients, grow your software and generate extra revenue streams to you every month.

Below are some of the arrangements that we provide that can reduce your support costs, increase your revenue and help you grow.

Full Sub-Client management

We look after your clients directly for anything SMS and handle all account set ups, top ups, billing and any technical issues. This way, you and your support team can stay focused on what you do best.

We pay you a percentage of SMS revenue monthly so you also make money from SMS. We'll send itemised remittance showing revenue generated from each of your clients.

We work with you to help you diagnose and fix bugs and make improvements as your clients find them.

Self managed Sub-Clients

We'll set up as many sub-accounts as you need but you manage and bill your clients directly.

Our systems will keep count of credits and we'll provide auto-top ups on sub accounts if required or you simply let us know when to top up an account. We typically respond in under 5 minutes. We can also provide you with the ability to top up your own clients if required. (Approved partners only)

We provide daily reports showing account balances of all sub-clients.

We charge you a nice low rate so that you can add a margin.

We'll bill you monthly for all top ups in the previous month.

Single connection

we provide a single account and you handle credit counting and billing etc.

This is the cheapest option but requires much more support and development your side.

Other arrangements

Were happy to talk about partnerships of all kinds. Our goal is to help you grow so please get in touch any time if you'd like to discuss other options.

Software partners
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