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SMS Forwarder Service
Receive messages on one of our numbers and forward them anywhere

We can forward SMS messages received on one of our dedicated virtual mobile numbers to either a single mobile phone (of yours) or as many phone numbers as you like.


  • Customer service SMS number

  • Sales team chat number

  • Emergency services

You can choose whether we make the message appear to come from the end user's mobile number so that you can reply straight back to them (great for customer communications)




The message can appear to come from our virtual number so that when you reply, the message goes back to everyone in the list (like a simple chat service) - This is better suited for internal team communication.

You can change the number/s that we forward messages to by logging in to your SMS Everyone account and going to the SMS Forwarder list.

There you simply add or remove the forwarding number/s and click save.

You can even have your software hit our API to add/remove the receiving number/s from the list.


$22 per month inc GST to rent the dedicated virtual number

Plus the cost of the outbound forwarded message/s. Rates vary depending on monthly volume.

Contact us for more info or give our FREE TRIAL a go.

Auto Reply SMS. SMS auto responder.

Nice one Dave!


Hi team, I just sold 123 Smith St!


Well done Dave. Looks like you'll win the sales prize this month. Jeff



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