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Connect SMS to DKS Autoshop
Send SMS reminders direct from the software

DKS Autoshop sends SMS messages to our system via our email to SMS service.

Set-up is super simple.

We will give you a special  email address suffix to enter in to the settings area.

First, you'll need to sign up for an account with us.

We'll give you 100 free credits so you can test the system.

Be sure to let us know that you need to connect to DKS Autoshop when you sign up.

We'll give you the email address suffix, you put it in to the software and you're good to go.

The below screenshot shows where you type your message and the email address (ours) that it will be forwarded to.

Click SETTINGS down the bottom left of this screen to add our settings in:

DKS Autoshop send sms text message

On the settings page, enter our email suffix exactly as we give it to you in lower case text.

Keep the 'Open the email for checking...' setting set to Y

DKS autoshop text message set up

If you want replies to your SMS messages, we can make the message come from one of our virtual numbers and then replies will go back to you as an email.

You can even reply to that email and it will go back an SMS and so on.

If you don't want replies, we can make the message come from a word origin up to 11 characters. eg "Jims Auto"

Sign up below for a free trial today.

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