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E-Fax Services
You can send & receive faxes from your emails

We provide inbound & outbound E-fax services throughout Australia

Our fax service uses proper Australian ISDN lines (Not VOIP) so your data stays in Australia and it is super reliable.

E-Fax is an excellent option for medical practices sending letters back to referring doctors etc. Much cheaper than snail mail and very competitive to Argus, Medical Objects and Healthlink.

  • No software required.

  • No fax machine required.

  • High Quality fax resolution for the price of standard.

  • Great value rates with no expiry on credits.

  • High quality business grade ISDN connection.

  • 7 day full support.

  • Option for your E-fax data to be deleted from our servers once we detect that the fax has been successfully delivered.

Sending faxes (outbound)

You can send a fax anywhere in Australia direct from your email.

We supply you with a simple email address that you send all faxes to, we convert your attachment to a fax and send it to the desired fax number. It's as easy as this:

1. Open a new email

2. Enter the recipient's fax number PLUS

      For example, to send a fax to the number 111, you would send the email to

      No need to include the area code if the fax recipient is within your state.

3. Attach the file/s to fax (PDF, Word Doc, Text File or TIFF)

4. Give it a subject to that you can find it in your sent items later.

5. Press send.

We will send you an email if the fax fails. The email will show the error reason and give you a convenient link to click for fast re-sending.

Outbound E-Fax Pricing

Faxes are charged per fax page. (ie 1 credit = 1 page)

Credits are pre-paid

  • No set up fee​

  • No monthly fees

  • No term contract

  • Fax credits never expire

    • 1000 fax page credits @ 13c - $130 inc GST​

    • 5000 fax page credits @ 12c - $600 inc GST​

    • 10,000 fax page credits @ 11c - $1100 inc GST​

Receiving faxes (Inbound)

Does the new NBN no longer support your fax number?

Do your staff need to work from home but still continue to receive all the faxes?

Transfer your fax number to us!

We can port your existing fax number over to SMS Everyone so that you can continue to receive faxes as normal.

We forward all inbound faxes to you via email as a PDF attachment.

  • Saves paper

  • No more fax machine required

  • No software

Things you should know about porting your fax number:

  • Porting takes around 10 - 30 days depending on your current provider.

  • It can be complicated depending on the additional services you have associated with your fax line. eg: EFTPOS, HICAPS, Internet etc

  • If you are with Telstra and have already moved to NBN, there may be a disruption in the service whilst porting.

Setting up a new fax number

We also provide brand new fax numbers that can be set up and activated in under 5 minutes.

If you urgently need your fax number to pass faxes to you via email, simply divert your fax number to one of ours.

Inbound E-fax​​ Pricing


  • No set up fee​

  • $22 a month inc GST

  • You can receive up to 1000 faxes a month

  • 5c per fax page received over the monthly 1000

Once only Porting Fee (Only if you port your existing number to us)

  • Simple fax number port (just a standard fax line) - $33

  • Complex fax number port (VOIP line, Eftpos, Hicaps, Internet etc) - $127.50

Contact us for more information or sign up via the button below

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