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How to export contacts from your Android phone
So you can upload to SMS Everyone and send a bulk SMS message

If you have all your contacts on your Android phone and want to import them into SMS Everyone, this below might help.

We can assume that if you have the contacts on an Android, that all those contacts will probably be in your Gmail account.

So on a computer, log in to Gmail.

Click the nine dots up the top right corner of Gmail and select the contacts app:

Gmail menu. Contacts. Export for SMS campaign

Up the top right of the Contacts page on the same row as the headings, you'll see a little EXPORT icon. Click that:

Gmail top row. exporting contacts for sms.

You'll get this pop-up:


Select 'Outlook CSV' and click export.


Your computer will ask you where you want to save the CSV file. Choose somewhere easy to remember like your desktop, downloads, documents etc and save.

Then go to the folder that you just saved the file in. Open the CSV file.

Scroll across to the right and look for the phone number field. Probably called "Phone 1 - Value"

The format of the numbers will probably be like +61 400 123 456.

Don't worry, if you paste those numbers in to our website, we will clean them up and deduplicate them automatically.

If you want to SMS everyone in your contacts list, just copy the whole column and paste them all into either the 'To Numbers' box on our send sms page or into a new list on our lists page.

Its that simple.

Once your contacts are in our system, for more instructions, go here

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