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Virtual Mobile Numbers
Receive calls and SMS's on a business mobile number

We can provide Australian virtual mobile numbers for receiving SMS's.

If required, they can also forward voice calls to you.

We can make your outbound SMS messages appear to come from this number and your customers can reply or call the number any time.

This is a great way to 'shield' your personal mobile number from the public so that they only know your business number.

We can forward SMS's to you in 3 ways:

Web hook

We forward the SMS data to your web service real-time as an HTTP GET.

API Call

You poll our servers for any new replies since you last checked.


We forward SMS messages to you as an email. You can have multiple email addresses set up with us. You can even reply to the email and it will go back to the end user as an SMS.

Voice Enabled Numbers

We forward all calls to a nominated phone number of yours.

Bulk SMS example

Hi guys, I'll be 10mins late to my 10am appointment today. Apologies. Jill Smith



SMS Only Dedicated Number

  • $22 per month

  • SMS Replies are free

  • Billed every 6 or 12 months

Voice Enabled Dedicated Number

  • $33 per month

  • 10c per minute when forwarding to an Australian landline

  • 14c per minute when forwarding to an Australian mobile

  • SMS Replies are free

All prices include GST

Discounts apply if you purchase several numbers

Additional charges may apply for virtual numbers with lots of repeating digits.

eg 0412 333 555.

These are called 'Gold' and 'Silver' numbers and prices vary

Please note: We do not provide this service as a one off or short term solution for receiving 2 factor authentication for your social media accounts or personal messages etc.

This is strictly a business service only and we monitor all virtual numbers for misuse.

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