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I can't find an SMS-2-email reply in my Gmail

If you use Gmail and you've received a reply to an SMS via our SMS-2-Email service, you may not be able to find the message because Gmail is moving it somewhere.

If the message is not in your Primary Inbox in Gmail, have a look in the other two folders: Promotions and Social.

You'll see them at the top of the screen

SMS to email in Gmail

The 3 folders in Gmail - Primary, Promotions & Social

If you find our email in the Promotions or Social folders, you need to tell Gmail to stop moving emails from SMS Everyone to that folder.

There are several ways to do this.


Option 1 - Disable the Promotions and/or social folders completely

You can disable these folders altogether so that all emails go to one simple inbox (like the old days)

Up the top right of Gmail, click on the 'settings' gear icon, then 'See all settings'

SMS to email Gmail settings

The Settings Icon in Gmail >> See all settings

Then click on INBOX and untick the promotions and social tickboxes.

Gmail inbox settings

Click on the Inbox tab, then remove the folders you don't want

Option 2 - Stop Gmail from thinking it is a promotions/social email

Open the email that we sent you in the promotions or social folder.

Click on the labels button at the top and unselect either promotions or social.

This 'should' tell Gmail to stop categorising these emails incorrectly. Note: you may have to do this several times.

SMS to email Gmail promotions tab

Unticking the promotions tick box

Option 3 - Move the email and teach Gmail one-by-one

Wherever the email is (promotions or social) - just right click on it and select 'Move to Tab' then 'Primary.'

gmail move to tab. sms to email

You should see a pop up asking if you'd like to do this for all future messages, Click YES

Gmail move conversation. sms to email

If you cant actually find the email in Gmail, first log in to your SMS Everyone account, click on the Trace page, enter the mobile number of the person who replied and check that you can see their reply message there as well as the status of 'Retrieved'

Trace an sms message. sms everyone

This way you know that we attempted to send the email.

If it just says 'Replied' this means we either haven't set up SMS-2-Email or we just haven't sent the email yet.

Give it one minute, refresh the page and if it hasn't updated to 'Retrieved', get in touch and we'll investigate for you.

If it says 'Retrieved' and you still cant find it in Gmail, contact us and we can run a trace on the email to make sure it was actually delivered to your Gmail.

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